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Preparing for your massage

If you need to cancel or reschedule, I appreciate at least 24 hours' notice

Please arrive on time, and freshly showered.

If you have piercings or jewelry that are difficult to remove, you may wish to do so before arriving.

Some clients enjoy a small amount of their own cannabis before starting the massage.  If this includes you, great! But please arrive at your appointment with a clear mind, for our initial discussion. You can let me know then, and you'll have an opportunity to consume after that. A relaxing, indica-dominant strain is recommended.

Please don't drink ​alcohol or take other drugs before your massage. They tend to make the experience less enjoyable for us both.

After the massage, people often find they are deeply relaxed while being sensually recharged.  Consider allowing yourself a little time afterward to go for a gentle walk, or sit somewhere pleasant, and savour it.

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