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What to expect


Head to toe

The massage typically encompasses your whole external body, but of course you can request parts to be off-limits (e.g. tickly feet, injured area, genitals/bum, etc).

Your boundaries are respected

At t​he start I'll ask how you do and don't want to be touched, and we'll agree on boundaries.  Your feedback or direction is welcome at any point during the massage.

Your job: relax and go within

The massage is deeply relaxing; you'll enjoy it more if you just let go and receive the touch, and allow your mind to drift and settle.  

It's one-way

I massage you, you lie back and enjoy.  Please don't reach out and touch me; it prevents you from fully basking in the gift of receiving.  It can also be startling and distracting for me.

It's clothing-optional

The massage is designed to honour and integrate the full body, so many clients prefer to be nude, with the option of a covering sheet. Others prefer to keep some clothes on, and exclude those areas from their massage. It's up to you.

Orgasm is not the goal

It's sensual, but the focus is on enjoying the sensation, not arriving at climax.  This takes the pressure off any expectations or specific outcomes, and lets you soak up the experience.  You may become physically aroused at some point, or not - it doesn't matter either way.

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