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Massage offerings & rates

Basic sensual
Specific focus


Four delicious types of sensual massage, all at the same rates.  Click the links below for descriptions.

Basic sensual massage

The basic sensual massage, honouring your whole body.

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BYO cannabis sensual massage

Many clients find that cannabis enhances their massage experience.  Bring your own, and you can smoke/vape after we've had a short discussion of intentions and boundaries, before the massage itself.

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Sensual massage with guided meditations

The basic sensual massage, plus short (3-5 minute) guided meditations at start, middle and end, to deepen your experience. Relaxation, heart-opening, self-acceptance, spiritual connection, or other themes as you wish.

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Specific focus massage or support

For those who wish to combine sensual massage with specific erotic growth intentions. Some examples include gender affirmation, sexual boundary and trust issues, identifying your desire, premature ejaculation, tight or sensitive foreskin, unresolved circumcision grief, or other issues.

In addition to or instead of a massage, we'll agree on supportive touch exercises.  These could include guided or witnessed self-touch, focussed massage techniques, boundary-setting exercises, directed touch (“bossy massage”), ejaculation control, etc.), and more.

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I have a sliding scale, to support diverse clientele. What you pay is up to you; I trust my clients' integrity.

The time shown is how long you'll be on the massage table.  The entire visit is typically 20-30 minutes longer, to allow for the initial conversation, and getting changed before and after.

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