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My training is in the tantric tradition, and the massages I offer are meditative, sensual, and integrative. All bodies are welcome.


These massages are designed to help you let go of the stresses and distractions of the outside world.  The deep relaxation combined with deliberate sensual touch allows the receiver to let the mind wind down, and focus inward.



Human skin is highly sensitive to touch.  I give massages that focus on sensation and pleasure, using a variety of techniques from firm to gentle, relaxing to energizing.  All parts of the body are capable of experiencing sensuality through touch.


The holistic techniques offered at Slow Hand are designed to harmoniously integrate your whole body, mind and spirit.  Beyond this, clients may also book sessions that specifically focus on integrating lessons of their other deep personal work, if physical touch is part of that healing journey.

For every body

All adults (19 or over) are welcome.  I have experience with cis, trans and intersex clients, from a range of sexual orientations and physical abilities.

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